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As specialists in immersive digital experiences, our core offerings include:

  • Augmented reality app development across mobile and headsets to blend digital into the real environment.
  • Virtual reality experience creation leveraging VR headsets to immerse users in engaging virtual worlds.
  • Web and mobile development crafting solutions with excellent UI/UX across platforms.
  • Game design and development focused on compelling gameplay and mechanics.

In addition to AR, VR, web, and gaming, we have deep expertise in:

  • Digital strategy consulting to identify innovative opportunities and craft targeted plans.
  • UI/UX design focused on human-centered, intuitive user experiences.
  • 3D modeling and animation for highly detailed virtual environments and components.
  • Custom software development building secure and scalable solutions.

We create immersive digital experiences leveraging technologies like augmented reality and virtual reality to engage customers in new and memorable ways that drive business growth.

We leverage a robust quality assurance process including:

  • Technical specifications aligned to objectives
  • Agile sprints with continual user validation
  • Unit, integration, system, regression testing
  • UAT simulations reflecting real-world usage
  • Launch with fully documented code, help guides

Our focus is delivering a polished, high-quality digital product that excels.

Our project management approach emphasizes collaboration, transparency, and accountability at every stage including:

  • Discovery – We align on objectives, requirements, constraints, roles.
  • Planning – We create a detailed project plan outlining tasks, timelines, milestones.
  • Development – We utilize agile sprints, daily standups, iterative testing.
  • Monitoring – We track progress through tools like Jira, budget vs actuals, risks/issues log.
  • Delivery – We conduct UAT, train end users, transition maintenance and support.
  • Closing – We document lessons learned, gather feedback, finalize payments.

Our expertise spans sectors from retail to healthcare to manufacturing. We tailor solutions to each industry’s unique challenges and goals.

We ensure a successful partnership through:

  • Aligned expectations – We set clear goals/metrics for success upfront.
  • Ongoing communication – Consistent meetings, status reports, access to team.
  • Delivering value – We focus on driving ROI and measurable outcomes.
  • Responsiveness – Our agile process adapts quickly to evolving needs.
  • Transparency – Budgets, timelines, risks/dependencies shared openly.
  • Win-win mentality – We succeed when our clients succeed.

We utilize cutting-edge technologies tailored to each engagement including:

Augmented Reality: ARKit, ARCore, Vuforia, Unity, Unreal Engine
Virtual Reality: Oculus, HTC Vive, Unity, Unreal Engine
Web/Mobile: JavaScript, React, Node.js, Swift, Kotlin
Gaming: Unity, Unreal, 3D Graphics Engines And more like emerging APIs, SDKs, cloud platforms.

Our team stays up-to-date on the newest tech innovations and breakthroughs.

Our culture is differentiated by:

  • Innovation – We empower teams to push boundaries and reimagine possibilities.
  • Collaboration – Our flat structure fosters seamless teamwork and shared knowledge.
  • Passion – We hire talent passionate about technology and creativity.
  • Work ethic – Our team is relentlessly dedicated to client success.
  • Respect – We value diverse perspectives and needs.
  • Work-life balance – We promote flexibility and avoid crunch times.
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